Get To Know ARCS Token, The IFA Company’s AIre Ecosystem Native Tokens

Have you heard about the blockchain project that doesn’t simply offer you future passive income but also functionality? To be honest, there is a particular project named AIre project. Offering solutions for data preservation and security, AIre uses blockchain as a way to prevent data tampering. The project itself uses a native token known as ARCS. In this article, read further and you will learn about the promising project along with the native token.

Brief Definition Of The IFA’s Company AIre

Have you heard about AIre? Probably not or even just heard in a glimpse. Believe it or not, there is numerous blockchain project that comes with interesting promises and systems. From helping SME (small and medium enterprises) to use blockchain solution, want to be the number one currencies, properties rental, etc. But one that comes as unique is the AIre. The project resolves and makes a blockchain platform over a data bank for some reason.

From here you can tell that there are some functional and benefits of joining the project. The main idea of the project is quite simple, which is provide save data bank while later can be used as blockchain sash. The sash will be in the ARCS coin, which is the native coins used in this platform. The process is all under the control of AIre. When your data is acquired, the system will calculate the token sash from it and put it on the blockchain.

The ARCS Coin or Tokens

Worth noting that, AIre is not the first and only project that offers native coin. To make it easier, the ARCS token or coins will be available and can be held in the wallet as long as the apps support ERC-20. It can be said that the token can be traded on exchanges that list ARCS coins in it. A lot of people are not sure to join such as new cryptocurrencies however if the project and the investor are fluctuating, the exchange rate will increase.

At some point, you should know why the project needs native digital money. From the resource, the ARCS token mainly has two basic purposes. The first one is as incentives for you or all users. From the name itself, you can figure out that you can gain some income by joining the data bank. In this case, the concern of avoiding giving personal data to service is the main problem. If you join and provide information in AIre, you will get incentives.

The basic idea of it is to lower down the resistance to storing personal data. You don’t need to worry or hesitate anymore. The AIre has provided a blockchain system that helps prevent data tampering. At the same time, the token itself represents your rights to use all the AIre services. The main core values are the data which are held by the data bank. While the ARCS token works as the global network currency.

Token Specification And Distribution

Named as ARCS the native digital money in the platform is under the entity of IFA Co. Ltd. With the token symbol as ARX, the total minted tokens are 20 Billion. Work under the Ethereum blockchain platform, the token standard is ERC20. The token is exchangeable, however, make sure the exchange site has lists ARCS or running ERC20. Since the project is developing, there is some planned token distribution you should know about.

From a total of 20 billion ARCS tokens, the 50% parentage will be used for third party organizations. Following it, there will be 12,5% for free distribution startup supporters. Incentives for partners and members both will get 2,5% distribution. The IFA allocation for operation and development will take 20%. The last 12,5 percent will be reserved for future needs and plans. This percentage likely changes in future development.

The ARCS Token Flow for income

Interested to join the data bank cryptocurrency train? Hesitate no more, and try putting your money in this unique project. The token flow itself is regarded as simple and possible. To get your incentives, reward, or income, there are some steps your token will take. First, you will need to input data into the data bank and will receive ARCS as a reward. Every third party or company that wishes to acquire your data needs to buy ARCS from exchanges.

After they bought and get ARCS, they can later use it to buy the data from the AIre data bank. This is where everything getting interesting. While the company buys your data or information, you will gain reward for their data. At the same time, IFA will collect the commission fee for you as you have delivered the service. The company later can utilize the data your provided for their services, or offer it to other users for more ARCS token.

The Benefit Of Investing The ARCS

Just as explained before, you will get security and the best place to store your data. The data bank will later be layered with data tampering prevention by using blockchain. While you provide information on AIre, each time your data acquired, you will gain reward or compensation. Isn’t it great? You can store your data and gain money at the same time. In this case, the platform also has a new credit standard.

The standard will make sure that people will have the same chance to gain higher credit, according to their work. The new credit criterion consists of objective data or information provided by the individual. At the same time, the future potential will be evaluated by taking into account some other data. The data are subjective data such as enthusiasm, feeling, and other emotion. It can be said that users can receive trust by utilizing abundant data.

Those are some information regarding the ARCS token and the system. Started with the concern of lack of security and control over data, the project resolve around data bank. With blockchain, the investors or users can both gain some rewards and data tampering prevention. Along with the ability to save all kinds of information and source, this developing project is worthy of checking it out and eventually turn into a good investment.


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