How To Prevent Phone Hacking Tips You Should Know

With the advancement of technologies, there is no doubt that crime will come along the way. From a direct robing to hacking, crime is never subsided even though technologies keep on improving. Security measures or mobile security are developed to keep digital criminals under control. But the potential of getting hacked is still large. So, what you have to do? Here are 5 ways to prevent phone hacking tips for you.

How To Secure Your Phone From Those Scary Hackers

1. Changing Your Phone Default Passcode

The very basic and the simplest things to do is changing your password. Every modern smartphone has the feature of creating a password. You can either use a pin or pattern. It may sound very simple, but at least it can help increase your phone security from the curious people. Change it with a more complex number. Avoid your birthday date, 0000, 2580, or any important date.

2. Use Security App That Increase Protection

If you are afraid that hackers will access your secret through the internet, then you can try to add security apps on your phone. Whether it is an android or iPhone, there is a lot of application that used to prevent phone hacking. Most of them come with an anti-virus app. But it is better to opt for the paid trusted app. The paid app will come with additional features and better security than the free mobile security app. 

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3. Avoid Unsecured Connection

Being careless is one of the reasons why hackers got access to your phone. Hackers can reach you through unsecured Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. Those two wireless connections are mostly the culprit of information thief or losing data. So, avoid any unsecured public Wi-Fi. Hackers often target important locations with public connections such as a bank, library, or even a coffee shop. You also need to avoid Bluetooth networks and turn off when unused.

4. Delete Your Browsing History, Cookies, And Cache

Another thing that is most people don’t know can prevent phone hacking is cleaning your browsing. Whether it is history, cache, cookies, make sure you clean all of them. Removing any visual footprint can minimize the amount of data that can be a source of information for hackers. While you do this, it is also great to turn off the autocomplete feature for your password or user account.  

5. Protect Your Credit Card Data And Pin

The last thing to consider is protecting your Pin and credit cards in your smartphone. People or smartphone users will likely find it easier to access their bank through mobile banking. While it does easier, but security is quite low. So to prevent phone hacking or any nosy fingers, use a protected app to give extra protection. But the better option is, don’t store them on your phone.

At least those are some things you can do to increase the protection of your phone. Hacking is not only happening through the internet, a sometime curious person can do an unfortunate click and tap on your phone. With that in mind, at least the 5 tips are doable for casual smartphone users. You can simply change your passcode, secure all of the access, clean your browsing data, to install a security app.