7 Portable Gadgets You Should Have Now

Gadgets refer to small tools or devices with specific functions. As technologies develop, there are also many more gadgets created to ease humans activities. A smartphone is one of the examples of gadgets that we always use daily. However, besides the phone, there are also many other portable gadgets that we should have to finish jobs effectively. Here are some brief resumes of each mobile device you should always have with you. 

The Useful Portable Gadgets You Should Always Have 

Based on human’s daily needs, here are seven most-used portable gadgets that will make things go easier and efficiently. Now, let’s continue reading at the list written below. 

10,000 MAH Power Bank

10,000 MAH Power Bank

For those who use smartphones a lot, either while working, business matters, or personal stuff, you may need this 10,000 MAH power bank that can fit your pocket size. Not only designed with more considerable charging ability, but the speed-charging is also equipped in these portable gadgets

Multi-functioned Keychain

Sometimes, certain important tools are urgently needed. However, if we carry them all, it will make more loads, and it is not practical anymore. Things will go more efficiently with a multi-functioned keychain as it can hold an LED flashlight, knife, screwdrivers, and bottle opener. Moreover, it has been designed with various fashionable types you can also bring anywhere you go. 

Jewelry Health Tracker

Today, you can wear more fashionable health tracker through the jewelry health tracker. It comes both in necklace and bracelet versions with gorgeous designs and colors. Besides, it is available to connect to both iOS and Android users with many kinds of health tracker functions, such as sleep rate, calories burnt, caffeine consumption, stress level, etc. 

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GoPro Camera

Another must-have portable gadget is the GoPro Camera. Coming with cool design colors and pocket-friendly size, GoPro Camera is equipped with loads of high-tech capabilities, such as Full HD video record, waterproof device, and it also enables Wifi and other smart connectivity. Indeed, GoPro is pricey, yet it is worth the price. 

Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Ensure your event will always go smoothly with this mini Bluetooth speaker. This wireless speaker is not only easy to operate, but it also comes with a smaller size, makes it one of the perfect portable gadgets to have. Also, it is equipped with up to 12-hours battery life. A right item for a party person. 

Rechargeable USB Lighter

You can have two different kinds of stuff in a single tiny gadget called a rechargeable USB lighter by having this gadget. It lights up an electric flame that is more eco-friendly, and it also can be charged easily through the USB plug device. 

Jelly Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

What’s new about this folding Bluetooth keyboard is the portable size that you can carry easily and anywhere you want. With just around 10 ounces, this keyboard can connect to any devices. 

There are still many more portable gadgets you can find. Please choose one or some that suit your needs the most and bring them every day without worrying about getting heavy loads in your bag.