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Mozilla Firefox Focus Private Browser with Minimalistic Appearance

Mozilla Firefox Focus Private Browser with Minimalistic Appearance

In the era of internet of everything, the existence of browser application of software is very important. It helps people to find what they are looking for in the internet. Mozilla as the one of the oldest web browser has Firefox as their main application. Mozilla Firefox browser is the first browser which strike down the Internet Explorer from its domination. Today, Firefox has passed so many changes and transformations. The latest one is Firefox Focus: A browser that provide ultimate privacy for the user.

At the first time of its appearance, this browser is only available for iPhone. As other Apple smartphones, privacy is something that they want to give to users. Firefox Focus can bring it. Mozilla designed a browser that is able to erase browsing history. It is also including cookies and password. Now, that exclusive Firefox browser is finally available for Android platform after six months in iOS platform. The Firefox Focus Android can now be downloaded in Google Play Store.

After its availability in Playstore for a month, that browser has been downloaded by more than one million users. It shows that Android users need also privacy as well as iPhone users. The question is what is the main factor caused more than a million Android users downloaded Firefox Focus only in a month since it appearance? Based on some reviews in its download page, users like the privacy of the browser that can protect their browsing activity.

Some people sometime are annoyed because their privacy is not secure. Whereas, every time they do browsing on the internet using browser, their data must be inputted by the websites they visit. Another benefit from the Firefox Focus apk is its simplicity. As its main function is to give more privacy for users, the developing may forget the user experience. Honestly, some reviewers in Google Playstore emphasize of its lack of attractiveness. There is no impressive or sophisticated display provided by the browser, although the performance is not too fast anyway.

Although the browser appearance is so simple and clear, it doesn’t guarantee the fast performance that should be maximized. Based on some opinions, it is caused by the work of the browser that must reduce the performance. Anyway, some Firefox Focus reviews give four to five stars for this private browser. If you want a browser that can block ads and trackers, Mozilla Firefox Focus would be nice choice.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360

Rooting the Android Phones is one of most irritating and difficult process of the World.Few day ago,One of my Friend called me to Root his Samsung Galaxy Y(GT-S5360) but after trying for few I found that Rooting the Android Phone is very difficult so Today I am sharing an Tutorial to How to Root Samsung Galaxy Y(GT-5360).Actually,This Tutorial is written by Member of XDA Developers Forums called EatHeat and I am just sharing it to help you in Rooting your Android Phone.We all know that Rooting is very difficult process so don’t Panic and read the every Step carefully.If you want to Root your Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 then follow below steps.

Prerequisites To Fully Root Samsung Galaxy Y(GT-S5360) :

  1. Fully Charge Your Android Phone.
  2. Enable Usb Debugging in your Android Phone.You can Enable USB Debugging by tapping “Settings >> Applications >> Development >> USB Debugging”.
  3. Back Up All your Phone Data.You can Backup your Android Phone by Installing apps from Google Play Store.

Warning : Rooting Process may Brick your Android Phone So We are not Responsible for any Problems happens to your Device.So Root your Android Phone at your own Risk.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 :

  1. First of all,Download the Zip on your Laptop/Pc by Clicking Here.
  2. Now copy the Zip file into Sd card of your Samsung Galaxy Y(GT-S5360) and make you sure that Zip file is not copied into any Folder.
  3. Turn Off your Android Phone.
  4. Now start your Android Phone into Recovery Mode.You can start your Android Phone into Recovery Mode by Pressing and Holding Volume Up + Home + Power buttons.Now you can navigate your Android Phone into Recovery Mode by using Volume,Home and Power Buttons.Volume buttons are used for going Up and Down.Home button is used for selecting Options and Power button is used for going back.
  5. Select ‘Apply Update From Sd Card’.
  6. Now select the Zip that you have downloaded and confirm by Pressing Yes button.
  7. Now ‘Reboot System Now’ button and your Android Phone will be Restart.
  8. Now your Samsung Galaxy Y(GT-S5360) Android Phone is Rooted.

You can verify your Android Phone is Rooted or Not by installing Root Checker app.

Now you can easily Root your Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360) without any Problems.If you still face any problem in Rooting your Samsung Galaxy Y(GT-S5360) then Comment below or Contact us.If you found this Tutorial helpful then share it with your Friends.