AIre Project: A DID Blockchain Ecosystem Centered Around Data Bank

Developed under the concern of users have no proper control of their data, AIre Project starts its unique idea to make a blockchain data bank. Stating the truth above the lack of safety for personal identity and database, the AIre project is originating its project to make better or empower the individual through the right to their data. Before jumping too far about the particular project, this article will present you with some basic information about the project.

What Is Aire Project

First thing first, what is this project. You may wonder, what the company wants by working a blockchain ecosystem that centered data bank? As you know, there are tons of possibilities where a blockchain project surfaced and coming from. In this case, the project concerns the problem of private data and value. The project tries to provide the solution along with a blockchain system that will eventually generate some income and reward.

The main idea of this project is unique. The project ecosystem centered around data bank and the users. AIre will provide functionality for the data bank, thus there will be more effective operation along with transactions with business and the individual users. Simply said, that the project will manage and store various data structures in the data bank. Which later will be essentially a business to monetize data. You can save data and get income.

The framework of the AIre is designed to be flexible and easy to build. All the network or platform participants can access and eventually build on AIre via custom-built applications or directly using proprietary APIs. The system and the idea will make companies able to build their business application and scenarios. At this point, the project ensures data tempering prevention using the blockchain system in the platform.

The Functionality, Data Bank and APIs

Confused yet? Don’t worry, this project is not only about having safe bank data but also turn the process into money or reward. With this, AIre comprises main functionalities. are part of the system which makes your data input, then turn it into some token. The main functionalities are information storage, input, and utilization. In this particular project, the data bank is the core of the system. This is where you are going to save all the data.

On the other hand, the APIs will enable orchestration and facilitation of data flow. What kind of data you can store in this data bank? There are tons of data you can store, and AIre will handle all kinds of different data sources. While managing your data, the platform also manages data ownership. It allows you to link each data fragments from data sources. With this kind of systems, you as users can manage and use the data in one integrated network

Information Input

The three main functionalities are started with information input. The first user will input basic personal information, such as name, gender, address, etc. you will need to answer it from the provided questionnaires, social media links, or text from blogs. What makes it interesting is that you will receive tokens or incentives by completing this phase. You don’t need to worry about the ability to process your information, this project is designed to handle complex data.

Information Storage

Just as the name implies, the information storage is the data bank itself. This part is where your data integrity will be preserved. Again, there is something unique with how the progress is made. Here, to preserve and protect your data, the system will automatically calculate the hash values for the data. This sash will go into the blockchain. The use of blockchain will benefit you to gain some sash along with the ability to verify the chance of data tampering.

Information Utilization

As the third functionality, you can expect more than just storing data. The proprietary AIre APIs allow companies and user to integrate the application and business with data banks. Even more, you can even offer your data bank services. The platform allows and relies on technologies to handle different business scenarios. The system network will keep the immutable data record, which later allows you as the user to receive subsequent rewards.

The Business Model Of AIre

Then you might wonder, how can you get benefits in this project. The business model of AIre is where you will create revenues. Briefly explained before, that the user can do a lot of activities and ways on this platform. Which is provide a natural growth in the mechanism. Later on, with the native cryptocurrencies called Arcs token, you and other users will gain income and awards from using and participating in the platform growth.

The process of the business model started with the user and ended with the user. Here, IFA will collect all fees from third parties, when they going to access your data on a data bank. The third-party can acquire data from the data bank. The more the third party is, the higher chance they will acquire data. The system will give you certain amounts of rewards based on the type, volume, and quality of the data. Each time data acquire, rewards will be distributed.

The Use Of Arcs Token To Run The Business

Just like any other blockchain project that provides its currency, AIre has ARCS token as its native token inside the platform. The ARCS token can be held in a wallet that supports ERC-20 token standard and can be traded on exchanges that have ARCS. How it benefits you? If you ask this question, the answer is simple. The Exchange rate can raise one day when the token fluctuates according to market conditions. This token is mainly used as an incentive and user right.

Those are a brief explanation about the AIre project. Most of the information above is related to the identity and the plan of AIre. The project runs a data hub concept which prevents data tampering. This idea surfaced after realizing the problems of the lack of control that every user has regarding their private data and value. Running with native digital money, Arcs token, this project held dearly the proses of data hub cycle to provide max value for user or company.


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