Interesting facts about Wi-Fi you should know

Wi-Fi is a wireless connection that could be used by several users. Since the global era, especially when the pandemic is happening, online activities are increasing which affects the demand for Wi-Fi to be rising too. Besides, Wi-Fi is also considered to be one of the best internet connection sources with great connection quality. If you want to know more about these wireless internet connections, ensure to continue reading the article below until finish.

7 interesting and fun facts about Wi-Fi

If you are using Wi-Fi daily till you feel like you can’t live without Wi-Fi, then ensure to read some fun facts below!

Wi-Fi is created since old time

If you think that Wi-Fi is a brand new technology that is discovered recently, then you may be wrong. Wi-Fi has been created and designed since September 1990 which means it was around 30 years ago!

Wi-Fi is used to have a strange name

Wi-Fi is used to have a strange name

As mentioned before, Wi-Fi was originated in 1990 by a group of technology scientists. At that time, the name of Wi-Fi was still using its old name which was IEEE 802.11. The IEEE stands for an Institute called The Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Meanwhile, the number 802.11 was taken from the information of the wireless methods. Considering that the name is not easy to remember, in 1999 IEEE 802.11 was changed into Wi-Fi. 

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Wi-Fi doesn’t stand for anything

After the name has been constructed into Wi-Fi, the company that promoted Wi-Fi admitted that it has no certain meaning. Instead of the abbreviation of Wireless Fidelity, Wi-Fi is merely created as it is without having any special meaning. 

There are more than 10 billion devices of Wi-Fi in the world

Based on the data report at the end of 2019, there are more than 10 billion devices of Wi-Fi used in the world. Moreover, due to the high demands, the number may keep increasing by now. It shows that Wi-Fi becomes an important need for everyone. 

Wi-Fi works using the radio waves

Wi-Fi works using the radio waves

Wi-Fi could be connected without using any cables because it works with the use of radio waves. However, it makes Wi-Fi becomes resistant to interference. When the radio waves that bring the signal to your computer hits the other radio waves, it may create interference which causes a bad signal. 

The fastest Wi-Fi is located in Lithuania

Based on the data recorded in November 2016, Lithuania has the fastest Wi-Fi connection in the world with 16.6 Mbps while other countries such as Singapore with 15.1 Mbps, Switzerland with 13.8 Mbps, Denmark 12 Mbps, and the UK with 11.7 Mbps.

The survey says that Wi-Fi is more important than free breakfast

Instead of choosing free breakfast, the survey conducted by a US hotel resulted that the travelers prefer free Wi-Fi to free breakfast. Around 80% of results showed that high-speed Wi-Fi is better than a tasty breakfast. 

So, after reading the article above, what do you think about those fun facts about Wi-Fi? Are they new information to you? At least, now you have known a bit more about this wireless connection.