Get To Know IQ Cash And How To Get 170-400% Passive Income

As one of the many cryptocurrency projects, IQ cash comes with numerous advantages and future premises. Following the success of bitcoin and many other traditional digital money, this project presents coins that created especially for investors, traders, and miners. The idea is to share the profits to all of the people that join in. Looking at this opportunity, it can be said that you can get a huge income by investing. How?

IQ cash runs with a mechanism that developed to share profit. All the transactions and what knots are generate and operated by IT specialists and MasterNode for a private investor. Take this idea in your head and develop it. It can be said that it is possible to gain 170 – 400% passive income by buying a master node and wait for the high yield in the future. Intrigued? Here is some further information about the cryptocurrency and the passive income for you.

The IQ. Cash That Open For All

The design of IQ cash comes as a cryptocurrency that tries to share the profit for all people who join. It can be investors, miners, or even traders. Looking at this idea, you can see the basic difference with the other traditional cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Most of the other digital values only reward the miners and neglect the rest of the network. Especially, those investors that play equally important in the network.

But then it is possible? Well for sure you can expect a different profit split for every person. However, with the help of the mechanism that specifically developed to share the profit, it is supposedly possible. The profit between miners as a reward for the transaction and block generation will directly be generated and later operated with IT specialists and MasterNodes by private investors owners with 3,000 IQ cash deposits.

As a matter of fact, with the use of reward share and master node, all the parties will have a portion of the profit. The miners from the reward, the investors from the master node, while the trader from the splitting share. How to use the cash? Just like bitcoin, you can expect the cash to be used as daily payments (for a trader). It can be exchanged in numerous exchange providers. It is also available in powerful and convenient wallets for any platform.

The Concept And IQ Cash Profit Split

As explained before, all the parties in the network will get their benefit. From the trader, investors, and miners will get the share. However, worth noting that the pays additional attention to reward for investors. Whose are those who own or have masternode servers. If you wonder what it means. It is very simple; the profit splits mechanism runs with master nodes that bought by investors using 3,000 IQ cash deposits.

IF you are interested in buying a master node, you will likely get a higher profit than other people. In this case, the split percentages between those parties are changing from time to time. Currently, the highest percentage allocated to investors. With the number of 57% of the remuneration for the block, the profit will go to the master node owner (investors). Around 43% allocated for the miners, while the rest (6%) for the people involved in the development of the project.

The 6% of DAO block reward will specifically share with the people that help to develop the network or to dissolve once a month. If you take a look at the percentages, the miners and the investors are those who will reap the greatest income in the latter state. You can buy a masternode by depositing 3,000 IQ cash. Which later the value of IQ cash might fluctuate in the future, resulting in higher ROI rates and exchanges values for the digital money.

The Masternode Of IQ Cash

What is masternode? If you are new in this crypto train, this question is very frequently asked. To make it simple, this mechanism is made as assistant servers which let the IQ cash coin to operate the payment inside the blockchain system. Once again, the use of blockchain is very common in the cryptocurrency. Anyway, the master node will be operated by an IT specialist and owned by a private investor.

Since blockchain and masternode are used, you can see all the transactions inside it. But how to create it? Simply said, just by depositing 3,000 IQ cash coins and be an investor, you have a right to make a masternode server. However, worth noting that owning a server means that you have to rent it from the hoster and put up deposit IQ. The host or host server will vary, but most likely it will be around 1 USD to 4 USD per month.

After you deposit and ready to pay the monthly fees, then your deposit will be blocked by the system. Just like that and right at the moment, your money will start the system. The master node will remit the reward for your assistance to your project, which means you already gaining some income. The reward can be used or spent for your daily need or to make a new deposit and create other masternode servers. One deposit one masternode!

Think about that, it is means you can have numerous servers which lead to higher income in the future. But how if you are not interested in a profit anymore? In this case, you can unblock the deposit and trade it at the exchanges that list Worth noting that the bigger the master node is the smaller the commission becomes. Its due to the reward is limited and will be split equally between all the participating investors in the server.

However, if you got a different server means higher price and coin exchange. It can be said that the more people are willing to make the deposits, later on, the price of the coin will rises at the exchange. It resulting in more trading profit. Currently, you can expect a passive income profit of around 170 – 400%. Which is crazy! Because the possibility value rising and IRO will keep ongoing as long as the number of deposits will keep on higher.

How To Get 170-400% Passive Income 

Simply said, the coin has been programmed to split the profit between miners as a reward for the transaction by the IT specialist and masternode owners. If you are interested in 170 – 400 % passive income, you can be one of the investors. With the current ROI around 170.8%, this possibility is not zero. But how to join the passive income? There are five steps you can do to join as an investor. First, you have to purchase the 3,000 IQ or better 3,001 IQ cash.

With that cash, you have readied your deposit. Next is to install the Flits app on the mobile device to create a masternode server. Third, open the coin wallet in a particular application. You can search the and then add your deposit. After you found the, go to the fourth step to put your 3,001 IQ cash into the wallet. Later on, you can create a masternode server and deposit in the application.

Don’t forget to pay the hosting provider service fee at the mobile application. In this case, it will cost around EUR 1.99 per month. Not that hard right? Since you can make a masternode through a simple and easy mobile application, this way will make you gain income in a very easy step. You don’t need to get high tech personal computers to have masternode anyway.

Purchasing Method You Should Know About

You need to know how to buy the cash right? Especially when you need to get a deposit to buy your masternode server. In this case, you can go to the buy page that available on the official website. You will see the window where you can pay for the amount of the coins you like to purchase. If you are confused about how you will manage the rest of the steps, the network will help you by buying and FLS coins from the exchange.

After that, you will be provided with an IQ wallet address and an FLS wallet address. Go to your mobile flits app and fill in the field of IQ and FLS wallet address as you got. Go to the next step, by paying for the package. One package will include both 3,000 IQ cash and some bitcoin money. That cash will be available for five months of flits service. Use the money to open and create an IQ-Masternode. Switch it on and you are ready to get the profit. All in all, the project and network offer an alternative cryptocurrency that gives profit for all the parties. Especially, for the investor with a high split percentage around 57% that open a possibility of 170 – 400% passive income. Just by depositing 3000 IQ cash, you can get one masternode server and ready for reward income. With a high ROI rate (170.8%) the IQ value will be getting higher in the future. That is mean a bigger income and exchange rate for you.

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