Types of Gates for Turnstiles

When you think of a turnstile, you might think of a security device that you would go through at a concert, amusement park or another secure area. There are different kinds of turnstile gates that comprise the devices. Some of them have more security than others and are commonly found in high risk areas, such as prisons or courthouses.

If the turnstile is at a low risk location, then you will probably see a tripod or simple arm gate. This is something that allows one person at a time to enter through, and it rotates as you walk through. Some of these gates will count the number of people who enter so that the venue can keep track of how many tickets are sold and how many people were at the event in case someone tried to sneak inside. Another kind of gate is one that extends the length of the body. These are for higher risk areas where security is of the utmost importance. The gate is very tall and looks like a rotating door that you would see at a hotel. Only one person can fit inside each section of the gate. As the gate turns, another person can enter.