All You Need To Know About IQ.Cash Before Jump Into 200- 300% Income Strategy

The official account of mentioned the strategy to gain 200 – 300% passive income. Which means you can gain such fortune without even need to go outside. Is it possible? The coin system designed for makes this idea possible. With the growing number of cryptocurrency users all over the world, this IQ digital money has a chance to be bigger soon. Just like the famous Bitcoin, your simple investment might flourish in years.

Regarding that idea, stacking and invest in the master node attract quite a lot of people. Especially for the traders, investors, and also miners out there. The IQ crypto trains are appealing to many people. How could it be? Is it wise to join? The high expected income is the main interest of this project. Before you join the train, you should know some basic information. What is that information? Check it out in the following explanation.

Brief Explanation About The IQ.Cash

It is important to know where you will invest your money. Thus, let’s talk about IQ cash is a universal large-scale blockchain platform that opens for all traders, investors, and miners. The main goal of this project is to provide instant anonymous online investment and payments through the master node system. While Cryptocurrencies users keep on growing in numbers around the world, this project can gain enormous profit shortly.

According to the StackofStake knowledgebase site, the overall project score is mainly focused on the market states and social media activity. The market stats and social media activity hit the 7.6 points. While the development activity only gets 2 points. This is granted since the DAO system and block split focused on the holder and the miners. What is means? This project has shown its main purpose in gaining high profit in the future.

The DAO System And The Block Reward Split

It can be said that the system used by the is the main interest. Just as said before that the main purpose is to gain high profit. How could? The block reward split through the master node system is another vital point. If you look at other projects, it is very common that the share will be poured on the platform ecosystem. However, you will find a very small block reward share for the DAO (decentralized Autonomous Organization) ecosystem. 

Most of the time, a high portion of the share will be given for this DAO ecosystem. The main reason is to develop the platform. How about this project? Indeed, the ecosystem will get its portion but it is only 6%. Is it bad? No, of course not. The 6% to DAO or trader projects will be used to finance approved projects provided by traders. It includes web sites, software, startups, algorithmic trading systems, and improvement of the IQ Cash ecosystem.

At the same time, there will be no condition in the network. Your money or fund in this network will be in your total control, no one can access or make a profit of it. The DAO also explains that you have the right to convey a proposal for the platform. Then how if there is something wrong in the network? Since it is DAO, everyone can give ideas. The problem will be solved together, 6% of reward shares will be used as the fund to fix the occurring problems.

You will be happy to hear the exact number of block reward split. How much it is? universal, blockchain platform shares will be 57% given to the master nodes owner (investors or holders), 43% for the master node system miners, and the 6% will be given for the DAO. If you are unfamiliar with this crypto project, you will find this number strange. On the other hand, this percentage shows great possible future income for your investment.

The Wallet And Flits Application

There are three wallets available for IQ.Cash. It is not the physical wallet, but one which holds your digital money balance. In this case, you can use a personal computer using Mac, Linux, or Windows. You can download and install it to gain access to your digital money along with managing your master node. To ease the participants, this also available in Flits application from your smartphone.

You can download this Flits app as the cryptocurrency wallet. At the same time, this app is also known as one way to follow the 300% passive income strategy. There is a complete step by step instruction available on the social media sites. Or if you are interested, look for the related update on this site. In case you are curious, this is a brief explanation that might help and explains a tad bit about the use of flits for master node.

First, you should download and install through AppStore or Google play. Install and make an wallet. Follow the instruction, then explore and find to make a new IQ wallet.  After having your IQ wallet, you need to deposit buy IQ cash and later on deposit into your wallet. Along with that, you can continue and make or start an IQ master node (check the complete steps for better explanation). Right after starting the master node, you are now an official holder. 

The Master node Block System

Is it that easy to be part of the investor? Yes, it is. All you need is to purchase a certain number of (3,000 coins). Then deposit the coin to start having your master node server. While your deposit blocked, you will start gaining your compensation as one of the holders. That is, as easy as that to gain access for future 300 – 400% passive income. How could it be? How the can master node Reward block system give you such amount of money?

The answer is simple. The enormous split gives you a high share of the money. After depositing 3,000 coins you are officially regarded as one of the holders, which have a reward portion of 57%. You may have to share accordingly with 43% for the miners, but still, your share is quite big. The master node will operate payments inside the blockchain system. At the same time, it is worth noting that will eventually thrive over time. 

The more people use the higher the value will be. Just like Bitcoin, the starting value of might be lower. However, over time the value will rise significantly. Especially, with a high rate of online transactions nowadays. If you are interested in a higher profit, this is your chance. While you can gain profit from the reward system, there is a quite interesting event such as bounty. The bounty has a reward of coins that worth thousands of dollars. 

Coin Exchanges And Profit Generator

After becoming one of the holders, you will start gaining profits. In this case, you have two options. First, stack the profit and buy more servers for bigger income. Or you can trade your coin on the exchange site partners. You can use CryptoBridge, Cryptopia, Mercatox, or Crex24 to trade the coin for a real dollar. If you are interested in the first option, it is better to deposit only 3,000 coins for each server. Why? because the higher deposit the lesser compensation you will get. 

The Security And Anonymity Aspects

Until here you might still doubt to join the However, there is quite a lot of reasons why do people use this digital money. The first thing that came out to your mind, might be about security. Is it trusted? Does your money okay? Don’t worry, has millions of active users throughout the world. While it continues growing over time, it can be said that this cryptocurrency is credible and trusted by a lot of people.

At the same time, the team ensures that the user’s account cannot be blocked. It means your fund will not be accessed by anyone other than you or owners. Another reason is the anonymity of the transaction. The system uses the PrivateSend algorithm, which ensures all the transactions under the name of anonymous. The system is completely trustable. It will securely encrypt data whenever you transfer or receive an asset, and there won’t be third-party access.

The Master Node And DAO Systems

How about the system? Just as explained before, that the platform run DAO for the ecosystem and use consensus PoW with the master node system support. The decentralization network implies that there won’t be any dominant influence on the other members of the network. Everyone has the same right, including you. This system excludes influence on coins due to the limited release and also not provided additional emission.

On the other hand, master node system support is used to make attractive mining and holders income. In this case, split the blockchain reward into 43% for the miners and 57% for the investor or master node holders. At the same time, this kind of system provides higher network integrity. Along with supporting anonymity of transactions and also a higher speed of the transaction. To get a master node server, you should invest 3,000 IQ cash. 

ASIC Resistance And Transaction Speed Technology

To assist and give better performance for all the participant, adopt Asic resistance technology. The technology called a NeoScrypt algorithm used to solve the problems related to the acceleration of network complexity growth when using ASIC. Compared to the use of CPU usage, this technology successfully overpasses and support the growing network. Another technology made this worth to try is InstantSend.

Just as the name implies, InstantSend technology is adapted into the system to ensure high-speed transactions. To support the ever-growing digital money throughout the world, this type of technology is very vital. Especially, related to the money transaction. The instantaneous exchange of data across the network is available. Whenever for transfer or receive assets, all your transactions will be done instantly within just 5 seconds.

Roadmap And The Latest Update

The project has been running from the year of 2018. It can be said that the roadmap of this project is just as good as it is. The website, blockchain, wallet, mining pool, and DAO were launched and released around June – Augustus 2018. Steadily, the project keeps on moving. In the first quarter of 2019, IQ DAO launched. In the Q1 to Q2 2020, the project starts to list at least 5 high-volume exchanges. It is continuing to Q3 2020.

There will be integration with in the Q3 2020. Later on, the third and fourth quarter of 2020 will be full of many events for traders. Along with that, starting from April 15th to May 14, 2020, there is a Bounty campaign with the fund 60,000$. It is also having a reward pool of 200,000 IQ which is equal to a total of 60,000 USD. Together with the bounty, IQ cash releases a stacking strategy using 3,000 deposit to make 300% of passive income.

This strategy has attracted quite many investors, miners, and traders into the system. If you are interested, all you need to do is deposit 3,000 IQ cash and be one of the holders. At the same time, you will need to install the IQ master node in the Flits apps. The ever-growing of users and the stacking method, allow you to gain more profits from the block system. Along with the 57% reward splits, you can generate 200% – 300% passive income in the future.

That is some information about The project is promising and most likely getting bigger in the future. To gain the promised profit, you need to be an investor in this project. You can submit by depositing 3,000 IQ coin and gain your master node server. From that server, you will split the whole profit with miners (57% for you and 43% for miners). If you are interested, it is wise to deposit into the projects while it still in the early stages.

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