Know More About IQ.Cash – A Unique Platform For Investors, Traders & Miners

Know More About IQ.Cash – A Unique Platform For Investors, Traders & Miners

With the growing number of cryptocurrencies, it is granted that people are confused and unsure about the projects. From all of those digital money platform project, one that quite interesting and gain more audience is the IQ.Cash. What makes it stand out? As there are a lot of crypto trains, surely you will look for one with the best offer and promise. In this case, IQ.cash has successfully risen its charm and greet many people.

IQ.cash offers an amazing project which leads to a new change in the crypto world. They try a new way, which set to make a breakthrough in the future. From the reward split, the focus of the project, and the promising income, the project likely hit the moon trend. Even more, there are possible 300-400% passive income from the project. Thus, consider reading through this article to find more information about this particular IQ.Cash.

Get To Know About The IQ.Cash

Starting from the base, you need to know what is this about. If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast, you may understand what this project about. Simply to say, IQ.cash is one of many cryptocurrency platform project. This project is a universal large-scale blockchain platform for all Traders, investors, and miners. IQ.cash proposes its main goal as to provide instant anonymous online payment and investing.

Since cryptocurrency is widely used around the world, IQ.cash takes an opportunity to gain people’s interest with high passive income possibilities. How they do that? They create a brand innovation regarding their Hybrid coin/ token cryptocurrency. There will be an 80% coin and 20% coin/token or Crypto Depositary Receipt distribution. A great and interesting reward split between the miners and investors. And also high income from the master node.

If you look at the engaging values of the platform, IQ.cash also is known as the investment master nodes cryptocurrency. As digital money has million active users around the world and the number of people constantly grow very fast, the value of IQ.cash will keep on thriving. With that condition, IQ.cash master node will surely generate massive profit (around 300%) for all the IQ.cash investors and the miners. 

The IQ Cash As Decentralized Platform

Just like the other cryptocurrency project, this IQ.cash also runs using a decentralized system. Known as the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), this type of project has a great system for both the official team or the participant. There will be nothing such as conditions in the system. No one will control your money or making a profit on your hard-earned dollar. The DAO system will open for all the participants as well as the teams.

As one of the participants, you have the right to propose the governance initiative. The use of a decentralized governance system will help to develop the ecosystem. You are free to create a proposal to help improve the system or developments. In other words, the IQ cash ecosystem network supports a decentralized governance system and budget system. the funding community initiative was taken straight from the blockchain itself (block reward shares)

The Project Score And Activity

There is quite an interesting reward split system from IQ.Cash. Taking a different route from the other crypto train, IQ.cash pouring the time on to market state. Based on the project score made by an online cryptocurrency site, IQ.cash put a high priority on the market state (7.6 points) and social media activity (6.4). What is it means? is it good or not? Yes, it does. It means that this project main purpose is to gain high income through the system.

The project score also explains the state of the other activity score. It includes the 4.1 points for the vision. It is not bad, especially for a project that solely tries to gain massive profit from the block. At the same time, the product and onchain stats are staying on the 3.5 points. Lastly, the development activity or the ecosystem’s development is scored as 2. Looking at the reward split, these points are normal and predicted. 

The Reward Splits Going On In The Project

Looking at the explanation above, you may wonder what happens with this project? “A cryptocurrency platform that doesn’t care about the ecosystem” may come up on your mind. It is not true. Due to the main which is to provide instant anonymous online payment and investing, the project splits the reward into three aspects. The ones that gain most profit are the investor and the miner, while the ecosystem takes a very little share.

The reward splits consist of 57% passive income for the investors received from the block. While the miner will get 43% from the block. The remaining 6% will be poured down to the DAO or IQ cash ecosystem. All  6% will be distributed to finance projects in trading. To support the software, web sites, startups, algorithmic trading systems, and also improvement of the IQCAsh Ecosystem. All of those are provided by traders.

This is a quite interesting take in the crypto world. While other projects are moving into ecosystem development, IQ.cash on focusing on higher future profits. How could it work? If you think thoroughly, it means that those people who invest in the project will gain more profits. Along with the miners, they most likely gain massive passive profits in the future from those coins they poured into the IQ.cash Master node system.

For those who are not into the crypto train, will feel strange with this percentage. However, the investor will think otherwise. It is a great investment opportunity for expected profits. Even more, the company states the possible 300-400% of passive income in the future. Those master node owners or investors will gain high reward splits. With the 57% block reward for the investor through the master nodes (with ROI 270%), that passive income is not something impossible. 

The IQ.cash Road Map

In many cases, people are not sure to invest due to the unbelievable promise or a brand new project. However, IQ cash has been running from 2018. The project has been planned, developed slowly, and surely. From the June to Augustus 2018, IQ.cash started its first step in the crypto world with the website and IQ.cash Blockchain launch. At the same time to support IQ.cash launching, the digital money wallet for Linux, Windows, and Mac was done in the same period.

Along with that, the mining pool, DAO, and initial listing on exchanges were released. Finished with the first step, in the September to November 2018 IQ.cash improves the user interface and a lot of stuff. Redesign the website, releasing the Mobile apps for android and iOS, and add the second wave of exchange listing. Then, the development B2B, exchange integrating, and IQ cash payment systems were started from December 2018 to February 2019.

Keep moving on, from March to May 2019 the IQ.cash keeps on developing its system and services. Along with IQ.cash gaining some popularity, the team has been developing an online payment service. At the same time, the development including API and libraries for partner integration is started. Thus, the project will keep on developing and thriving in the future. The latest on is in the Q1 to Q2 of 2020, with a listing of 5 high-volume exchanges. 

The Development Update

At the time this article was written, the development stage is in the Q1 to Q2 of the 2020 phase. There is quite a lot of development including marketing stages and an amazing investment strategy. Working together with the FineExpo, the IQ.cash will appear in the traders’ Fair and Awards 2020. The largest event for traders in Asia is the great field to market the promising IQ.cash platform to all investors, miners, traders, and also the cryptocurrency enthusiast.

One interesting update is the investment strategy for IQ.cash. People found a method of promising 200-300% income using this digital money. There is a detailed explanation of how to join in this strategy at the official IQ.cash twitter account. To give you a brief explanation, this strategy is done by using Flits apps for the IQ.cash master node. Also, you only need to invest with 3,000 IQ coins to be one of the investors.

Gaining 200% – 300% Passive Income

Along with the purpose of the IQ.cash, the block share explains the reason off 300-400% passive income. If you are interested to join the movement, you should have at least 3,000 IQ cash. It will be better if you get 3,001 IQ coins since 1 coin will be used as the transaction compensation. By buying and investing this much of coins, that means you have assisted the server as one of the investors. Why you need this much money to be an investor?

Simply said that all the transactions inside the master nodes are operated by the IT specialist and master nodes owners. As a side note, each master node might cost from $1 to $4 per month. With the 3,000 coin means you have invested along with helping the maintenance. Currently, the IQ.cash profit reaches a 300% passive income a year. It means a higher possibility that the coin will start to thrive and gain bigger values in the future.

Think about it, after you depositing 3,000 IQ coins you will automatically be an official investor. The deposit you made will be blocked by the system right away. At that same time, you will start gaining the commission from the master nodes. This commission is your profit. It is your right and you can spend it as you want. You can use it to create a new deposit and make a new master node (more profit) or unblock the deposit for the exchange trade.

Profit For More Masternode Or For Exchange?

It is all your right. After you jump into this train, your profit is your money. You can let your coin thrive by itself, take the profit to make more deposits, and get another master node server. Getting more deposits doesn’t mean purchase more coins at the same time. If you invest more than 3,000 coins in one server, you will get a lesser commission. This is due to the limited award and the block shares.

You can try the first strategy after you gain enough profit. Then, invest the coin for another master node server to gain more passive income in the future. You can also trade your coin with the real dollar. Imagine your IQ.cash like bitcoin. Over time, the value of your coin will slowly rise. As long as more people use the coin, the higher the value is. If the starting value is only $1 per 10 coins, it can slowly double or tripled later on. 

How To Buy The Coin

If you are interested in the project, you can always buy the IQ.cash coins. Works like any other coin or token, the purchase steps are quite simple. Go to the buy page by clicking the ‘buy now’ button on the official IQ.cash site. After that, you have to fill the IQ wallet address along with the FLS wallet address in your Flits apps. Worth noting, using Flits app on your mobile phone is one way to join the 200-300% passive income master node owner (investor)

Thus, you need to install IQ.cash in your Flits apps beforehand. If you have installed and fill the wallet address, then pay the package you desired. In this case, to be a part of the investor you have to buy at least 3,000 IQ.cash. Fortunately, one package of IQ.cash coin consists of 3,000 and Bitcoin cash. The available prices for the packages are starting from $350.00, $1,050.00, to $1,750.00 which you can choose as you need.

Those are some information regarding the IQ.cash you have to know. This one of many digital money platforms gains peoples’ interest because of its amazing reward split. Both investor and miners share 57% and 43% block reward from the master nodes. According to the strategy, by buying 3000 IQ cash you can gain 200-300% passive income in the future. It can be used to buy more coins or spend them on your daily needs. 

Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4360591
Website: https://iq.cash/
White Paper: https://iq.cash/iqcash_whitepaper.pdf
Bounty Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5240221.0
Exchanges list: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/iqcash/markets/

Social Media:

All You Need To Know About IQ.Cash Before Jump Into 200- 300% Income Strategy

All You Need To Know About IQ.Cash Before Jump Into 200- 300% Income Strategy

The official account of IQ.cash mentioned the strategy to gain 200 – 300% passive income. Which means you can gain such fortune without even need to go outside. Is it possible? The coin system designed for IQ.cash makes this idea possible. With the growing number of cryptocurrency users all over the world, this IQ digital money has a chance to be bigger soon. Just like the famous Bitcoin, your simple investment might flourish in years.

Regarding that idea, stacking and invest in the master node attract quite a lot of people. Especially for the traders, investors, and also miners out there. The IQ crypto trains are appealing to many people. How could it be? Is it wise to join? The high expected income is the main interest of this project. Before you join the train, you should know some basic information. What is that information? Check it out in the following explanation.

Brief Explanation About The IQ.Cash

It is important to know where you will invest your money. Thus, let’s talk about IQ.cash. IQ cash is a universal large-scale blockchain platform that opens for all traders, investors, and miners. The main goal of this project is to provide instant anonymous online investment and payments through the master node system. While Cryptocurrencies users keep on growing in numbers around the world, this project can gain enormous profit shortly.

According to the StackofStake knowledgebase site, the overall project score is mainly focused on the market states and social media activity. The market stats and social media activity hit the 7.6 points. While the development activity only gets 2 points. This is granted since the DAO system and block split focused on the holder and the miners. What is means? This project has shown its main purpose in gaining high profit in the future.

The DAO System And The Block Reward Split

It can be said that the system used by the IQ.cash is the main interest. Just as said before that the main purpose is to gain high profit. How could? The block reward split through the master node system is another vital point. If you look at other projects, it is very common that the share will be poured on the platform ecosystem. However, you will find a very small block reward share for the IQ.cash DAO (decentralized Autonomous Organization) ecosystem. 

Most of the time, a high portion of the share will be given for this DAO ecosystem. The main reason is to develop the platform. How about this project? Indeed, the ecosystem will get its portion but it is only 6%. Is it bad? No, of course not. The 6% to DAO or trader projects will be used to finance approved projects provided by traders. It includes web sites, software, startups, algorithmic trading systems, and improvement of the IQ Cash ecosystem.

At the same time, there will be no condition in the network. Your money or fund in this network will be in your total control, no one can access or make a profit of it. The DAO also explains that you have the right to convey a proposal for the platform. Then how if there is something wrong in the network? Since it is DAO, everyone can give ideas. The problem will be solved together, 6% of reward shares will be used as the fund to fix the occurring problems.

You will be happy to hear the exact number of block reward split. How much it is? IQ.cash universal, blockchain platform shares will be 57% given to the master nodes owner (investors or holders), 43% for the IQ.cash master node system miners, and the 6% will be given for the DAO. If you are unfamiliar with this crypto project, you will find this number strange. On the other hand, this percentage shows great possible future income for your investment.

The Wallet And Flits Application

There are three wallets available for IQ.Cash. It is not the physical wallet, but one which holds your digital money balance. In this case, you can use a personal computer using Mac, Linux, or Windows. You can download and install it to gain access to your digital money along with managing your master node. To ease the participants, this IQ.cash also available in Flits application from your smartphone.

You can download this Flits app as the cryptocurrency wallet. At the same time, this app is also known as one way to follow the 300% passive income strategy. There is a complete step by step instruction available on the IQ.cash social media sites. Or if you are interested, look for the related update on this site. In case you are curious, this is a brief explanation that might help and explains a tad bit about the use of flits for IQ.cash master node.

First, you should download and install through AppStore or Google play. Install and make an IQ.cash wallet. Follow the instruction, then explore and find IQ.cash to make a new IQ wallet.  After having your IQ wallet, you need to deposit buy IQ cash and later on deposit into your wallet. Along with that, you can continue and make or start an IQ master node (check the complete steps for better explanation). Right after starting the master node, you are now an official holder. 

The Master node Block System

Is it that easy to be part of the investor? Yes, it is. All you need is to purchase a certain number of IQ.cash (3,000 coins). Then deposit the coin to start having your master node server. While your deposit blocked, you will start gaining your compensation as one of the holders. That is, as easy as that to gain access for future 300 – 400% passive income. How could it be? How the can master node Reward block system give you such amount of money?

The answer is simple. The enormous split gives you a high share of the money. After depositing 3,000 coins you are officially regarded as one of the holders, which have a reward portion of 57%. You may have to share accordingly with 43% for the miners, but still, your share is quite big. The master node will operate payments inside the blockchain system. At the same time, it is worth noting that IQ.cash will eventually thrive over time. 

The more people use IQ.cash the higher the value will be. Just like Bitcoin, the starting value of IQ.cash might be lower. However, over time the value will rise significantly. Especially, with a high rate of online transactions nowadays. If you are interested in a higher profit, this is your chance. While you can gain profit from the reward system, there is a quite interesting event such as bounty. The bounty has a reward of coins that worth thousands of dollars. 

Coin Exchanges And Profit Generator

After becoming one of the holders, you will start gaining profits. In this case, you have two options. First, stack the profit and buy more servers for bigger income. Or you can trade your coin on the exchange site partners. You can use CryptoBridge, Cryptopia, Mercatox, or Crex24 to trade the coin for a real dollar. If you are interested in the first option, it is better to deposit only 3,000 coins for each server. Why? because the higher deposit the lesser compensation you will get. 

The Security And Anonymity Aspects

Until here you might still doubt to join the IQ.cash. However, there is quite a lot of reasons why do people use this digital money. The first thing that came out to your mind, might be about security. Is it trusted? Does your money okay? Don’t worry, IQ.cash has millions of active users throughout the world. While it continues growing over time, it can be said that this cryptocurrency is credible and trusted by a lot of people.

At the same time, the IQ.cash team ensures that the user’s account cannot be blocked. It means your fund will not be accessed by anyone other than you or owners. Another reason is the anonymity of the transaction. The system uses the PrivateSend algorithm, which ensures all the transactions under the name of anonymous. The system is completely trustable. It will securely encrypt data whenever you transfer or receive an asset, and there won’t be third-party access.

The Master Node And DAO Systems

How about the system? Just as explained before, that the IQ.cash platform run DAO for the ecosystem and use consensus PoW with the master node system support. The IQ.cash decentralization network implies that there won’t be any dominant influence on the other members of the network. Everyone has the same right, including you. This system excludes influence on coins due to the limited release and also not provided additional emission.

On the other hand, master node system support is used to make attractive mining and holders income. In this case, IQ.cash split the blockchain reward into 43% for the miners and 57% for the investor or master node holders. At the same time, this kind of system provides higher network integrity. Along with supporting anonymity of transactions and also a higher speed of the transaction. To get a master node server, you should invest 3,000 IQ cash. 

ASIC Resistance And Transaction Speed Technology

To assist and give better performance for all the participant, IQ.cash adopt Asic resistance technology. The technology called a NeoScrypt algorithm used to solve the problems related to the acceleration of network complexity growth when using ASIC. Compared to the use of CPU usage, this technology successfully overpasses and support the growing network. Another technology made this IQ.cash worth to try is InstantSend.

Just as the name implies, InstantSend technology is adapted into the IQ.cash system to ensure high-speed transactions. To support the ever-growing digital money throughout the world, this type of technology is very vital. Especially, related to the money transaction. The instantaneous exchange of data across the network is available. Whenever for transfer or receive assets, all your transactions will be done instantly within just 5 seconds.

Roadmap And The Latest Update

The IQ.cash project has been running from the year of 2018. It can be said that the roadmap of this project is just as good as it is. The website, IQ.cash blockchain, wallet, mining pool, and DAO were launched and released around June – Augustus 2018. Steadily, the project keeps on moving. In the first quarter of 2019, IQ DAO launched. In the Q1 to Q2 2020, the project starts to list at least 5 high-volume exchanges. It is continuing to Q3 2020.

There will be integration with tradersfair.com in the Q3 2020. Later on, the third and fourth quarter of 2020 will be full of many events for traders. Along with that, starting from April 15th to May 14, 2020, there is a Bounty campaign with the fund 60,000$. It is also having a reward pool of 200,000 IQ which is equal to a total of 60,000 USD. Together with the bounty, IQ cash releases a stacking strategy using 3,000 IQ.cash deposit to make 300% of passive income.

This strategy has attracted quite many investors, miners, and traders into the system. If you are interested, all you need to do is deposit 3,000 IQ cash and be one of the holders. At the same time, you will need to install the IQ master node in the Flits apps. The ever-growing of IQ.cash users and the stacking method, allow you to gain more profits from the block system. Along with the 57% reward splits, you can generate 200% – 300% passive income in the future.

That is some information about IQ.cash. The project is promising and most likely getting bigger in the future. To gain the promised profit, you need to be an investor in this project. You can submit by depositing 3,000 IQ coin and gain your master node server. From that server, you will split the whole profit with miners (57% for you and 43% for miners). If you are interested, it is wise to deposit into the projects while it still in the early stages.

Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4360591
Website: https://iq.cash/
White Paper: https://iq.cash/iqcash_whitepaper.pdf
Bounty Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5240221.0
Exchanges list: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/iqcash/markets/

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The Blockchain W12 Protocol for Solving Problems in Crowdsale Market

The Blockchain W12 Protocol for Solving Problems in Crowdsale Market

The presence of the W12 protocol is a platform that handles various problems that occur on digital platforms. The W12 open protocol is built to make multiple types of DAO by utilizing technology. W12 is a platform that provides the best control for developing a better ecosystem for the use of digital platforms. Use of digital platforms to carry out various interests. Increased use of digital platforms to meet multiple life needs is very rapid. This increase has become a good impact on the use of digital technology.

The purpose of smartphones also continues to increase the potential for using digital platforms for various facilities in utilizing digital platforms. Shifting assets into digital assets also encourage increased adoption of digital platforms. The positive impact of digitizing brings better transactions where each transaction can be done quickly and quickly. Besides, digital sales should also require more affordable costs.

Increasing the use of digital platforms also has shortcomings where crime rates also continue to improve. Cybercrime often threatens digital assets owned by users. Scamming crime is one of the actions that have the highest frequency that threatens ecosystem users in digital transactions. The digital platform developed today needs to have a high level of security to protect ecosystem users. Security protection solutions in the network are one of the critical trust systems to have the courage to transact through digital platforms. W12.io presents the latest platform to handle security-level orders.

The platform offers a system that can overcome SCAM both intentionally by certain parties. Scamming can also occur due to a failure in project development. W12.io can also be developed well to avoid scamming actions that can harm users. Minimizing scamming can also reduce the risk of excessive spending and better transaction attainment. The level of trust of users in using the project and purchasing tokens.

The W12 was established to develop infrastructure in a decentralized way as part of increasing transparency. Trust between each party joined by the ecosystem will help ease the settlement of disputes. Dispute resolution can be made quickly, transparently and with minimal funds. The design of W12 protocols will create better infrastructure for decentralized systems. The concept of decentralization was carried out as a form of adoption of blockchain technology.

The use of blockchain technology also makes implementing digital tokens done. W12.io will organize token sales with an easy-to-use interface for everyone. An attractive display also influences the contribution made by platform users to participate in the ecosystem. You can find out the concept of project development through web pages and even white papers. An ANN Thread can also provide a summary of information for you regarding project construction for safer and more reliable transactions.

Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3220425

Website: https://w12.io/

White Paper: https://tokensale.w12.io/W12-en.pdf

The W12 protocol uses Vision and Mission for New Ecosystem Development

The establishment of the W12 strongly supports the adoption of new ecosystems with a higher level of security. The use of blockchain technology is one of the best forms to gain experience in digital transactions. W12 will carry out its mission to create a new environment with the implementation of de-neutralized infrastructure. A decentralized environment can be realized by increasing the belief system for everyone associated with the ecosystem.

Each type of agreement will overcome any conventional problems in a transparent, legal and fast settlement. The W12 protocol will help create a new ecosystem with a more mature concept of decentralization to tackle various forms of digital crime that might occur. Every person with multiple backgrounds will undoubtedly join the digital ecosystem. Increasing the trust and satisfaction of the transaction will certainly give an interesting impression so that the use of the platform can continue.

Every detail of development will be carried out to realize the most significant global platform for digital service providers. The W12 protocol will be used as an ecosystem that changes the centralized way to attract finance. Everyone can participate to transact on a digital platform without limiting the geographical and political framework in its implementation. The availability of investors to carry out transactions is also an important matter which will help the development of the platform.

Decentralized solutions will support the use of the system globally. The role of investors is also significant for more secure and transparent infrastructure development. Platform development will be carried out based on a roadmap that has been created by the development team. Improving the quality of digital transactions needs to be continued so that the platform can compete with various ecosystems. W12 creates a new atmosphere from conventional markets that can handle problems that occur in the application of digital systems. Transparency is essential for a safer and more trusted ecosystem development where each user can control the contribution given.


Problems with the Crowdsource Market that need to be Resolved

The W12 protocol is built by professional experts to solve problems that occur in the crowdsale market. Until now, the level of sales in the ICO is still increasing but even compared to the fraud that might happen. Project development is also faced with a low level of startup survivability at the initial investment stage so that it is still vulnerable to failure. The trust between fragments and buyers of funds is also very lacking, so the platform is always difficult to implement.

Trust is a significant factor in digital transactions. A high level of trust can also be done to anticipate various actions that can be detrimental as in a dispute. Every party involved currently trusts ecosystems because of the compulsion built from the developer. Traditional institutions still have various deficiencies in achieving ideal transactions. Everyone in operation also does not always have access to alternative solutions so that it will be difficult for them when problems occur in the implementation of ecosystems.

A less than perfect utility model will also make the level of security of traditional platforms still lacking. Until now, it is still complicated to determine an adequate price for utility tokens on common platforms. Interaction in conventional concepts is also poorly intertwined so that everyone is still less than optimal in using the platform. Unclear use of funds also demands more transparent transactions. The sustainability of ecosystems that are already in demand by users should not be alerted by utilizing the system with the application of the latest technology.

The technology system is needed to build a better system in conducting transactions. Poor security systems also create a high risk of fraud that threatens assets owned by its users. Indirectly, traditional methods require improvements to improve the quality of transactions to lead to transparent and decentralized digitalization. Problems in the digital market need to be done to welcome larger ecosystems with a high level of trust accompanied by ease of transactions.


The W12 Protocol Solution for The Next Crowdsource Market

The W12 protocol is present to provide the best solution in handling problems in traditional markets. Anyone can do development by not requiring intelligent contract-based programming that is done through some logic. W12 protocols and platforms will always be available for sales with a decentralized system. The Oracle network can also help everyone to get the latest experience in using Oracle network-based systems. The level of confidence that is built will form the necessary control of the project development process.

Fund transfers will be made transparently for transactions with other parties with an easy and affordable concept. The use of a decentralized oracle system will support the use of controls that are not biased toward project development. Fund transfers to other parties are more secure and transparent so that you do not need to worry about transaction security. Your trust in the ecosystem will help you have the best experience in running applications as a digital platform for crowdsourcing.

You will also find it easy in the DAO where the decentralized way has been involved in organizing campaigns. Besides, autonomous and funding will be carried out for the crowd. Funds will be released in stages after confirmation is made of milestones. Exemptions and refunds will be carried out in stages, so you don’t have to worry when the project fails when fulfilling its claim. Increasing survivability in the industry will provide more control over fraud.

The platform will protect against the risk of losing funds related to the procurement of funds made. Information delivery can be done by verification from the outside world by implementing scenarios that are arranged based on blockchain technology. The scenario implementation will be confirmed in advance which has been programmed with a smart contract.

In the end, the W12 will create a system of names that all parties involved do not need to trust each other. The use of blockchain technology will also support faster dispute resolution with a transparent system. The application of this technology is also able to provide an opportunity for users to implement the system at a more affordable cost.


The W12 Solution Layers and Integration to The Crowdsale Markets

The W12 solution developed allows reconsideration of the role of the country in establishing relations between countries in the freeing part of the burden to the state. The shifting of intelligent contracts will eventually be regulated automatically through a decentralized system. The solution provided by W12 will include several factors including.

  • Making digital agreements in a peer-to-peer manner to enable direct interaction between related parties
  • Convenience is supported by a digital contract template so that it can be selected according to the need for transaction speed
  • Using a decent oracle network on the W12 protocol
  • Sound collection and decision making are based on the mechanism of the blockchain technology so that it will provide convenience
  • The application of W12 will use specific algorithms that can execute digital contracts
  • Utility Tokens used will participate in sales
  • The W12 platform will have the capacity as a means for charity campaigns
  • The platform will confirm sales security tokens by utilizing the legal framework in its construction
  • Fund diversification is carried out with a mechanism that uses cryptocurrency as a key in implementing smart contracts by choice of projects in the ecosystem

The W12 platform applies technology built for crowdfunding and charity industries. Until now the use of the platform is still inadequate with a lack of trust between funders and the process. Purchasing tokens carry a significant risk due to the participation that occurs in crowdfunding.

The high level of fraud that occurs in the ICO making infrastructure requires development that requires a high level of trust. The development of the W12 platform is built on trust between various parties connected on the platform. However, the implementation of a smart contract on W12 does not require belief in the signing.

When a project implemented is needed to attract buyers in business development, the token buyer can execute transactions through smart contracts. The implementation of the system development concept will be carried out by spurring the roadmap that has been made. Ecosystem development is significant so that the platform can be implemented immediately for ease of transactions. Until now the development of the W12 protocol for a decentralized system is still underway. Improving the quality of digital platforms continues to be carried out for transaction convenience and security.


The W12 Token Sale Event

Token sales events will collect initial funds for ecosystem development. W12 Token will be typing Ethereum ERC20. The price of 1 W12 Token is set at 0.0003 ETH. Purchases also allow discounts on specific dates. The payment method received will use ETH, LTC, BTC, BCH, ETC, ADA, and XLM. Payment for the purchase of tokens will be written on Smart Contract. The number of tokens purchased will be transferred to the customer immediately after the platform receives confirmation of the payment made.

Token distribution will be done after pre-sale and crowdsale. The total tokens to be distributed are 400 million tokens. The token sales period will be divided into several events such as early pre-sale, private sale, crowdsale, projection token listings on exchanges, and long tall. Make sure you participate according to the schedule. The closest event is crowd sale which is planned to start on November 1, 2018, until December 2018 or when the hard cap has been fulfilled. Unsold tokens will be burned after the token sales event ends.

Website: https://tokensale.w12.io/

Social Media:



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